1998 Dodge Neon R/T
Information about my car, its a rare 1998 Dodge R/T (Road/Track), black with factory silver racing stripes. It has some engine modifications, electrical modifications, and some interior/exterior cosmetic aesthetics. Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Tutorial: Custom Headliner Replacement
This new tutorial goes over the basics of how to replace your stock headliner with new material or with new colors. It is very simple, and very cheap to get done.

Guide: Choosing a Subwoofer Enclosure

We go over the basics of what kind of subwoofer enclosure you are going to want with the types of music you listen to, and what kind of bass you would like. There are pros and cons to each type, and it will be up to you to choose whats best for you.

Tutorial: Fiberglassing a Sub Box
This tutorial will go over the process of using fiberglass to build a box that will fit inside your wheel well to hold a sub woofer. Hopefully if all goes right you should have the basics of building a really kicken box that will both sound and look great.

Guide: Finishing Fiberglass Like Glass
This guide will cover the process of getting that smooth glass look and feel to fiberglass, and other pieces that you will want to smooth out. It works great for dash peices, sub enclosures, and other custom peices.
Tutorial: Installing Sound Deadener
This tutorial is to help you with installation of Peel n' Seal, a product available locally at home improvement stores. It is to limit the vibrations and noise that you may get from outside sources to maximize your systems volume and clarity.

Guide: Car Amplifier Installation
This guide will go over the basics of installing your amplifier into your car. It will go over locations, cooling, and general wiring accessibility. It also will prepare you for the wiring tutorial with basic wiring needs.

Tutorial: Car Amplifier Wiring
This tutorial goes in depth into the wiring of the amplifier. It tells you how to wire the amp by running power from the battery, as well as RCA and others from the stereo to the amplifiers location.

Guide: Sub Wiring
This guide shows the general wiring layouts for Single Voice Coil, and Double Voice Coil Sub woofers, in several different amounts of subs configurations.

Tutorial: Blue LEDs in Rear Defroster/Fog Light Switches
A very simple tutorial that will explain how to place LEDs in your switches to make them glow a different color when turned on. In this example, it will show you how to put blue LEDs in for the stock green or yellow ones in a 95-99 Dodge Neon.

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