This is a real mind buster, you are given no instructions, and no idea how things will go. You must figure out the special combination that will make this object grow into full capacity. Can you do it? Try it out! (Click here for a sneak at what it looks like done).

DNA Trials
This awesome motorcycling game is highly realistic, and follows the laws of physics very carefully. See if you can get a good score, and master other tricks of the game. I can gareentee you will like this game, it has been kicked around the schools for quite some time now.

Text Twist
You're given a scrambled six letter word, and you have to see how many three, four, five or six letter words you can make in a limited time! If you manage to get one (or more) six letter words by the end of the level, you get to play again! You score points by getting words - longer words give you more points, and finishing all of the possible words in a level gives you bonus points.

Spank the Monkey
Mouse Speed!
Slime Volleyball
Classic Breakout
Kill the Popups
Sketchy Sledding
Spaced Penguin
Text Twist
Spear Toss


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