These are customizations or hacks for the PHP Bulletin Board system. They can greatly improve your sites features, and customizability. These, and others I have written are available at

Tutorial: Dynamic Sites With phpBB
This tutorial shows how to open up a new world of dynamic sites. It will tell you how to incorperate phpBB with many parts of your site, including how to let users login, recieve PM, and show those online, on any page of your site!

Hack: Online In Viewtopic Post
This hack will display the online status of a user near the avatar in viewtopic. It is extremely simple, and requires an extra query per post. It will display "Status: Online!" or "Status: Offline" where ever in the template you put the code.

Hack: Private Message Throughout Site
You can add Private Messaging abilities to every page of your site. Don't be limited to what you can do with just the forums. Expand the function of PMs to the rest of your site. This requires a logged-in on all pages of site hack.

Hack: Table Widths With Images
Have you ever noticed how when really wide images are posted, it stretches out the topic page way more that it needs to? Well here is a very simple hack to fix it!

Hack: Drop Down Location Box
With this hack you can have a drop down box, to select the State, or Country, where your members are from. This is good to classify your members in the "Member List" feature of phpBB.
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