1984 Honda Aero 80 Scooter
This is my early Summer project, it will take a bit to get it back up and running, but not too much I don't think. This was given to me by my Tech Teacher, Mr. Amlie. He said take it or its going in the trash.. so I did.

Hate Crimes Video
Here is a video that I put together for a class called "Faces of Conflict" in 2002. It is about Hate Crimes so we went out into the wild and tried to capture some crimes in public. We couldn't find any.. so we went out and committed a few. The video is a hillarious compilation of hate ranging from the KKK to Hugh Grant.

Primary Target

I am in the process of working on a BattleBots IQ level bot called "Primary Target". We are working on a team of about 25 people, and have recieved a large donation from the Target Corporation. The basis for the robot is a 120 pound spinner, similar to the Son of Wyachi design. I won't give away what we have under the hood, but theres about 10 horsepower, in electric motors.

Touchscreen Carputer
I have built a Mini-ITX computer system from parts purchased over the internet that has intergrated a 7" Widescreen touchscreen display into my 1998 Dodge R/T. The computer system is an 800mhz media machine with a 10GB harddrive and 156mb of RAM. It is made to play MP3s, and Videos on the video display in my car. So far it is working good, but revision 1.5 is starting construction soon.

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