1984 Honda Aero 80 Scooter

The scooter came in literally a hundred peices. Without instructions, a manual, keys. or even a title. I found quickly that it was missing a lot of pieces (parts of the carb, muffler, piston rings) but otherwise was nearly complete. The motor is an 80cc Honda Engine, and can run at a top speed of 44mph, with nearly 100 miles per gallon.

The first day I rebuilt as much of the engine as I could. It will be hard until I manage to buy a service manual, and get the rest of the parts. I have a large box full of screws that I have no idea where they go. There are also lots of hoses that I don't have, nor know where they go. So a guide will be etremely important and I hope to pick one up this weekend

The original color of the scooter was this red color with plenty of scratches and chips in it. So I took and sander to it, and striped it all down to the original surface, primed, painted, and put a clear coat over it. Now it is a super glossy black, and will look awesome next to my Neon R/T. Expect a VTEC sticker on the sides and a nice Honda Emblem! This thing is going to be riced out!





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