I have some great programming skills, I can make a webpage do anything. I know more programming languages, then I do spoken ones. I know the following lauguages: HTML, Perl, Basic, C, PHP, Javascript, CSS, Assembly Code, and some more. Everything I do, comes easily. In the near future, I will be releasing some PHP scripts I have written, along with some others. In the meantime, look for some of my code at: phpBBHacks.com, and view some sites I have coded: Ghostbusters Prop Archive.

phpBB Tutorial: Dynamic Sites With phpBB
This tutorial shows how to open up a new world of dynamic sites. It will tell you how to incorperate phpBB with many parts of your site, including how to let users login, recieve PM, and show those online, on any page of your site!

phpBB Hacks
These are customizations or hacks for the PHP Bulletin Board system. They can greatly improve your sites features, and customizability. These, and others I have written are available at phpBBHacks.com.

Smart Thumbnail Creator
This program is written in PHP and will resize your image, and crop it at the same time so you don't have stretching, or black areas in the thumbnail. It is ment to be used with image upload scripts, as an add-on.

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